However, since you say it takes that long to achieve boost it sounds like a boost leak to me. Just check those connection points. Turn the car on and put your.... Jul 7, 2010 If it is a boost leak they should see the code 17705 - "pressure drop between turbocharger and throttle valve". What does the turbo noise sound.... I am going to assume you had no symptoms of the turbo going (blue smoke, dentist drill sound). That sounds more like a boost leak. Look around the "charged".... Nov 24, 2014 Yeah only when driving not when stand still and revving sounds like a boost leak but goes fine and doesn't drop any boost unless it's just a tiny.... Sep 9, 2009 And also it sound like my bov just stays open! And like my wg just opens and closes!? WTF can it be? At first I saw my ad wg had gone loose !. Jun 4, 2016 Sounds like charge air cooler (aka intercooler) leaking. The turbo is building boost, but the cooler is letting pressurized air escape.. Jun 9, 2016 Yeah, gonna be a boost leak. I'm going through the same at the moment.. Jul 28, 2016 Doing a boost leak test means that with the engine turned off, you pressurize ... If there are boost leaks, you will start hearing hissing sounds.. Any ideas? I can hear the supercharger whining and making usual strong sounds, and my vacuum on my gauge is still the same. I'm guessing there's a line that.... Oct 31, 2017 Sure sounds like a boost leak. Does it happen revving in the driveway or only under load? You can eyeball the charge pipe, comon point of.... Nov 23, 2013 - Notice the consumption needle as I accelerate and as I reach 2000rpm - the "psssst" dumping/leak sound is noticeable after the turbo starts to.... Maybe a leak on the intercooler pipes/fittings themselves. There is a vacuum leak somewhere. You are losing boost pressure.. Aug 26, 2011 It's an exhaust leak from the "Y" pipe to the turbo, been there done that ... just my imput. i had a hissing sound on mine also, my boost would.... May 6, 2015 Any ideas on how to diagnose this? Its only a minor leak right now, it comes and goes throughout the day. Sounds like a high pitch squealing.... Here are some common reasons why turbos leak oil and what you should check if yours is ... Does this sound like the turbo(s) need to be rebuilt? ... The mechanic stated I had oil in the intercooler but they didn't think my turbo was going bad. 538a28228e

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